The Digital Aviator

For the love of flight

The Digital Aviator has been running since 2006: after a few technical problems I have decided to relaunch within an new environment. Much of my older material has gone to that great electron graveyard in the sky.

As previously any aviation related subject may be discussed but my focus will be on today's Digital Aviator, a description that must at least to some extent include us all. I will try to create a pleasing mix that reflects a passion for flight whilst bringing forth innovations that enhance the flyer's experience. 

Today as never before, learning and information management are crucial skills. Schools and airlines are very  adept at meeting regulator's demands to disseminate information and introduce learning requirements: few tell us how best to  integrate these into our lives. Fewer still have a tight grasp of the technologies available to assist with these tasks. We will progressively address these issues whilst discussing our mutual passion - flight.

New Frontiers for the Wanderers

Our planet has been here for around 5 Billion years: our sun has another 4-5 to go before things get a little fraught for us Earthlings. That leaves us plenty time to explore our options unless a dino-killer comes tumbling our way from the depths of space. We seem intent on reaching out into our Solar System and beyond having landed a spacecraft on a speeding (34,000 mph) comet 300 million miles away and over decades sent probes to the furthest reaches of our system. Whilst autonomous vehicles may dominate exploration and research in deep space, one day we will be sending man out there.

This clip and space art generally inspire in me a sense of wonder, I hope it does for you too. Try full screen with some volume, Carl Sagan's voice is worth the listening, sadly they have removed his voice from this copy. Try here on YouTube

Pale Blue Dot is the source of the audio apparently, the clip is poignant.

All the scenes are compelling but don't you find yourself craving to try high-level flight with your own wings, or better, the Lo-Grav Jump? For these and other experiences, who needs a return ticket after what will become an emigration with a difference?