Travelling can be more expansive or less expensive. If you perceive your credit card just like a mean to fill your gas tank and buy basic food in traveling, you will be pleasantly surprised with a lot of travel bonuses you hardly imagined available due to your plastic.

In trips, people usually need some cash. A credit card can help in all spending needs abroad. For example, if you have a credit card, you won’t really have to deal with an exchange office, which means a high converting rate, or providing your ID (in some countries). What even more important, pickpockets will have less chances to rob you. A credit card is easy to keep safe and well-protected by the bank.  

Sometimes benefits can go as far as priority boarding, free lbs of luggage allowed, vouchers for lunch and drinks or several hours in the lounge zone. You may get all these advantages if the eminent bank has a special partnership agreement with an airport, a certain airline or a travel agency. But you can be sure that even general-use credit cards envisage some travel benefits to the holders.

So planning a foreign trip, check availability of card travel benefits and decide which will allow you to save in journey. Here are some tips:

  • Medical insurance: free or with good discount

Very important issue to think while planning your business trip or vacation.  Cost can vary depending on the type of the plastic, a desirable amount of coverage and how long you’ll be away from home. Usually it can be purchased online with your plastic and then printed out in case of emergency

  • Transaction fees

Most home banks will charge a fee for transactions in other countries, or on the contrary you will face domestic charges after operations with your plastic in a foreign bank. It is recommended to learn all details before you leave, and choose the best options. Nowadays, more and more credit cards don’t charge foreign transaction fees. The issuer wants to lure more clients due to severe competition on the market. So don’t be lazy to read special travel sites and forums to find out what banks are leaders in this field.

  • Booking Hotel

With a credit card you may get a more spacious room, a free dinner and a late checkout.

  • One Card is Good, but Two are Better

As they say, you never know… Really, you never know when and under what conditions your plastic is surprisingly declined. Firstly, it is better to inform your bank in advance about you travel plans and possible amount for payments. Secondly, why don’t you take several credit cards from different banks or at least two cards from your regular bank but with different credit limits? Want to check card acceptance? Being at home, just select a number of shops or venues you are going to visit and find out what plastics they take. Especially it concerns restaurants which sometimes play tricks to charge more in cash from a naïve tourist.

No doubt, your credit card is a guarantee of your financial safety and confidence while travelling.

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