A  bank card as financial instrument has already become commonplace. It has proven itself as a convenient and safe mean to make payments. And if the debit card is literally a store of a client’s personal funds, a credit card provides the client with a loan to meet current needs and at the same time a payment instrument.

Virtually, a credit card allows to receive funds when they are needed. No doubt, today we constantly face a lot of needs. There are situations when we should wait for wages, social payments, and transactions just a few days, but urgently need to pay for some service. That’s exact time to use a credit card.

How It Works

The card can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs and terminals, as well as to pay for goods and services at retail outlets and via the Internet. Using an effective Internet banking 24/7, you can always make operations to replenish other cards and accounts, without leaving home and at any convenient time of day.

There is also another convenient and fast option: you can replenish the account of a person who is in another city or even country. Moreover, you can pay for services rendered to your relatives and friends. To improve your convenience, almost all outlets and business centers have Pos-terminals. They can always be used for paying with a credit card without commission.

So, the most popular services for payments with credit card are:

  • Internet;
  • mobile connection;
  • car insurance;
  • bank’s services such as transactions and replenishments, loans’ paying back, etc.
  • products & parcels delivery;
  • utilities.

Utility Payments In-Depth

To most people, the question: “Is it possible to pay for public utilities with a credit card?” is a FAQ. In XXI century any reputable modern bank strives to please its customers contributing to a competitive market. Thus, banks allow people to enjoy an increasingly developed system of banking services.

For many people, the process of utilities payment was connected with the the post offices and its branches, cash desks of various banks and long queues. However, today both people and banks strive to save their time and efforts and perform in the most efficient way, so this old-fashioned manner of payment is no longer popular.

There are several different ways to pay the entire utility package with a credit card. It means, first of all, that a person can pay utility bills via the bank terminals, a public services portal or via own personal cabinet on the bank website.  


Other popular services are shopping if you need to make a considerable purchase that you have not planned, health care services and procedures, or necessary repairs in your apartment or your car. For some people, it turns out easier to take a loan via the credit card and then pay back, instead of saving money beforehand.

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  1. I like to shop without having to leave home, since the credit card is integrated with many payment systems, which is very convenient

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