To pay for goods or services with a credit card either in terminal or online is a common thing nowadays. Moreover, access to the Internet banking is absolutely free. What is needed is just to perform a simple technical algorithm: to type your login or mobile phone number and password which you made up after receiving a card. Next, you will have the access to the full range of services that a particular bank provides online.












So, all the benefits of cashless payments are obvious. But be sure not to reveal any info about your card to strangers or unknown people who may pretend to be bank staff and call or send an SMS to your mobile number only with one objective: to steal funds from your plastic.   


There Are Several General Rules for a Credit Card Security:  

  • When paying with a credit card at retail outlets, you may need to verify your identity with a proper document to make sure that the card is issued to you. if you did not enter the PIN code , after paying for the purchase at the sales desk, you will be asked to sign a check-slip. These are right acts of salesman which will testify to you that a venue doesn’t want to steal your personal information or money from your card account.
  • When paying with credit card on the Internet, always use sites with installed protection system and special logos of verified payments system such as Visa or MasterCard. Sometimes, in addition to the card number and validity your name and surnames are also requested. Remember, that CVV or CVD codes located on back of the card are the most precious and secret items of your card security.  A good bank will send you SMS with an additional access code to finish the operation. This is a sign of high level of support service. And be sure not to disclose any cards details to the third person, especially CVV.
  • When withdrawing cash in an ATM, it will be necessary to enter a PIN. After each transaction with a credit card, the owner is notified of the date and time of transaction and the card balance. In case of accident losing the card such function will help you to control your operations: if you get strange sms of withdrawal, call immediately to the bank support service to block a card.

Expert believes that a magnetic stripe system less effective than chip system. For example, many merchants in Europe will not accept your credit card with such stripe if you don’t provide your ID. A card with your photo will contribute a lot to your verifications. Also fix a limit on a daily payments in case you simply lose it.

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